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  1. Veggie Fries Gets Prime Placement in Metro New York

    This placement, “What’s New in the Frozen Food Aisle,” features a few frozen food picks that are new in the market and worth going out to try. Veggie Fries is the second product highlighted, noting that they’re a blend of potatoes and foods like carrots and broccoli, offering an extra kick of nutrition. The editor writes that the staff tried the Chickpea & Red Pepper, and describes them as “just as addictive as the real thing.”

    Veggie Fries in Metro New York

    Metro New York
    Metro New York is a commuter daily newspaper that is distributed each weekday. It is designed and packaged for young, urban, active and well-educated audiences and provides readers with the news that they need, and is condensed into a 15-minute read. The Metro New York has a circulation of 293,216 reaching approximately 733,040 readers.

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