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  1. Lifestyle Blog, Peace Love & Diet Coke Reviews Veggie Fries

    A big thanks to Cristina Nogueras and her blog Peace Love & Diet Coke, for a positively glowing review of our product. She really showcased the versatility of the product and how good they taste with just about anything. From blue cheese and honey, to a side dish with classic chicken, to dipping into a hummus or BBQ sauce.

    Veggies are good for your health and French fries are good for your soul. You can imagine how excited I was to hear there were new prepared frozen veggie fries available in a freezer near me. You may think the idea is a little gross, but it’s actually quite delicious. As you know, I am no chef, but I can get creative. Thank you to Veggie Fries for sending a variety of bags for me to sample and experiment with, definitely made my Monday night more interesting!

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